The Industry’s First Serviceable Spindle

Introducing a revolutionary new process for repairing axle spindles


Our Process starts with a phone call from the repair shop or truck owner in need of a new spindle. A UA certified spindle technician will arrive on location in their mobile service vehicle. The technician will begin by removing the spindle. Once the damaged spindle is removed, the axle tube will be machined. Threads will be integrated into the axle tube. At this point, the axle is transformed with an end that can be serviced over and over with spindles if needed – for example in the coal mine industry. The spindle is threaded into place torqued down to the desired torque. Then, a final weld is made. The initial installation takes only three hours to complete from start to finish.

If the spindle were ever in need of replacement again it can be easily removed. The spindle technician would only need to cut the weld and remove the old spindle. Then, the new spindle can be threaded back into place. This replacement process is completed in under two hours.